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Here’s what’s happening at The Crossing!


Holy Spirit Conference

The Crossing is hosting our Holy Spirit Conference November 15th-18th. Joel 2 tells us that in the last days God would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh and the result would be prophecies, visions, and dreams. Normal Christianity is walking in the power of the Spirit. If we are going to walk in the power of the Spirit, we need to know how to effectively partner with God. At this conference, you will learn and be equipped from seasoned leaders to walk in power and demonstration of the Spirit.


Our theme this year is “DEEPER”. The Holy Spirit will reveal the deep things of the Father’s heart to us. As we gather, expect fresh encounters, empowerment, and for you to be catapulted into God's purpose for your life.

Crossing House of Prayer

Join us on Tuesday nights starting at 7pm for a time of worship, word, and prayer.

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Small Groups

Joining a small group or home group is an excellent way to connect and fellowship with members of the Crossing community. We have a range of new and existing small groups. You can find a complete list of these groups below.

Healing Rooms

Jesus still heals today. Let our trained team members pray for you.  We offer prayer in person and via Zoom. In-person prayer is on the second Sunday service of the month upfront at the end of the service (no appointment necessary) and the last Monday of the month in our healing rooms by appointment. Our Zoom appointments are on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. 


Men's Workshop

Men often face conflicts in different aspects of their lives, such as personal, familial, professional, communal, and religious. Unfortunately, some men tend to respond to conflicts with negative behaviors such as anger, avoidance, or manipulation. However, those who follow Jesus aim to handle conflicts in a godly way. This workshop provides a chance to tackle conflicts, offer practical solutions, and help individuals make positive changes toward becoming a good son of God, an ambassador of peace, and a minister of reconciliation, as He has called us to be.
Join us Friday evening October 13 and Saturday morning October 14, for this life-changing workshop. Details and registration are available below. 

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